Heidi's Walk to Support Our Refugee Neighbors

Sunday, October 2, 2022 at 12:30pm
Sponsored by First Parish Arlington | All Donations to Benefit ArCS Cluster

I hope you will sponsor me as an ArCS Walk participant and active volunteer with ArCS!
ArCS (stands for Arlington, Cambridge, and Somerville) is a cluster of volunteers from this area that supports asylum-seekers. I have met amazing people - both our volunteers and those seeking asylum whom we've worked with. Our asylum seekers have all escaped harrowing conditions of violence or threats to their lives.

When you donate, 100% of your money goes to support refugees. ArCS mission is to provide practical help, emotional support and financial assistance to individuals and families throughout their journey to establish themselves in a new community. We provide a monthly stipend, help them use the local food bank, get health care, and find unpaid internships that provide work experience for when they get their green cards. Our goal is to help them reach independence.

Considering that we're a local volunteer group the size of a church choir, helping 60 asylum seekers (total so far) gain asylum, become self-supporting, productive members of society, and build new lives isn't too shabby, I think.