Chelmsford/Lowell Cluster

Please consider supporting us with a donation towards our 2019 goal of $10,000

Participate with us in providing asylum seekers with:

  • housing
  • utilities
  • telephone
  • transportation
  • food
  • clothing

Currently, our cluster is accompanying, or walking with, asylum seekers whose lives have been so threatened that they have fled their countries to the safety of the US. Your help will be a blessing as we work together with them!

A Fundraising and Educational Event

Saturday, September 21, 2019
5 to 8 p.m.
First United Baptist Church
99 Church St., Lowell, MA

A RIM Chelmsford/Lowell Cluster Event to raise money to support our Ugandan family, mom and three boys, who were petitioned by husband/dad to come to the US. They arrived on June 8 and on August 8, the husband/dad died of stage IV cancer. Donations to support this family will be matched, up to $3,300, by “generous donors.” Your contributions will go much further with this matching opportunity! Also meet Mom and the 3 boys!

At this event we will also do a “Migrant Journey,” an experiential activity about migrating north from Central America. Learn about what drives children & adults in making this trek and what they encounter on the way.

Planning on attending?, For purposes of planning our supper, please confirm your attendance by September 18 with Doreen Rinas via

If you cannot come, but would like to support this sponsorship endeavor, make a check made out to RIM with “Chelmsford Cluster” in the memo line.

Send to Doreen Rinas, 12 Shirley St., Pepperell, MA 01463. We will match contributions up to $3300.

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