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Please consider supporting us with a donation towards our current three month goal of $2700

Help us support a mother who fled from her home with her 3-year- old daughter to the United States seeking political asylum. She feared for her life after being severely beaten for holding opposing political views. She sees the United States as a land of safety and opportunity for a good and productive life.

Both mother and child have made tremendous progress in building a life in this country. She is a registered asylum seeker and has been issued her federal Social Security Number and Work Permit. This brave young mother expects to complete her Certified Nursing Assistant studies shortly and has just started working part-time as a health aide.

Rebuilding a life from scratch takes time and resources. The expenses are adding up. We need funds for legal expenses. We need funds for housing. We need funds for medical expenses.

We need your help now until they are completely independent.

Any contribution will make a difference and enable them to have their dream of a united family living in safety in the USA come true!

Please help us to help those most in need.

The Marblehead Cluster of RIM (Temple Emanu-el, Old North Church, St Andrews Church and most recently Clifton Lutheran Church) has been walking alongside this family since they arrived a year ago. We are committed to keeping them safe and sheltered. It has been a long and rewarding journey for all of us. We thank you for your generosity.

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    Anonymous Donor donated $51.80.
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    Kathleen Conroy donated $26.06.
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $51.80
  • 5fe4c8db2f27148b8d9abe087b858517.png?s=240& avatar

    Kathleen Conroy

    Donated $26.06
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    richard thibedeau

    Donated $25